Ferrari 458 Speciale

Protected by Arctic Coating

Our head technician, Jan Werner Andersen got a real beauty in for an Arctic Coating treatment in may, the Ferrari 458 Speciale is not something you see everyday in Norway. The car had only done 2700km by the time it came in for a detail followed by a coating treatment, but there was still enough to do on the car. The owner had recently returned from the Spa racetrack in Belgium, famous for hosting legendary races in Formula 1. Being a racing focused Ferrari it had been driven thereafter and bits from the tires was found in every open spot, as well as lots of insects that had been in the wrong place at the wrong time was smeared all over the front. There was also swirls and minor scathes in the paintwork which left plenty to do for Jan Werner. 

This of course was a very cool project as the car is pretty rare, and Jan Werner enjoyed every second working on the car.  To start with, the italian stallion got a five hour long bath and was scrubbed clean before paint correction could begin. It is crucial that the paint is 100% clean before starting paint correction, otherwise you risk creating more swirls and damages when you start polishing.

Then after correcting all damages and checking the car too see if there was anything that was overlooked, the car got a good clean again using isopropanol to get rid of any left over residue after polishing. So, finally the Ferrari was ready to get its paint protected by Arctic Coating. Jan Werner began applying the base coat, small areas at the time to make sure the coating was distributed evenly on the paintwork, avoiding any highspots. At this stage you can already notice that the color of the paint gets deeper and in this particular case, more black. The base can be layered in several coats, but on this car one thick layer was applied. The layer gives protection against swirl marks, harmful chemicals, bird droppings and so forth. After the base layer had cured and was dry to the touch, it was time for the next and final step of the coating process.

For further enhancement of gloss and color depth, one last layer is applied, this is our topcoat. In addition to the visible effect, the true purpose of the topcoat comes to show when the car is taken for a wash or a drive on a rainy day. This is when you see what we call a hydrophobic effect, meaning that water and other fluids just shoots of the paint unable to stick to the surface. In the process the water takes most of the dirt and grime on the surface with it when sliding off. 

So, after further curing the Cavallino Rampante was ready for the delivery, and as the pictures shows the result was nothing short of super shiny. Protected and glowing like a diamond the Ferrari was delivered to the owner who was very satisfied with the result.