Gumball 3000

Gumball 3000 is a wet dream for many petrol heads around the world. A rally on public roads, stretching over 3000 miles during eight days and with mostly supercars on the start grid. There are parties in every city, and Tony Hawk brought his skateboard so there will be some shows along the way as well. This year the rally started in Stockholm, Sweden with Las Vegas as the final destination, and luckily for us they stopped by our home town Oslo this year for the first time. Gumball is not a race, its not about crossing the finish line first, but to have a lot of fun along the way and enjoy the journey. This year there were a lot of really cool cars on the grid, among them Ferrari F50, which there are only produced 349 of, the Lamborghini LM002 which is an SUV and of course Jon Olsson´s insane Audi RS6 DTM, heavily modified and producing around 950 bhp. So when the gumballers arrived yesterday we went down to welcome them together with our photographer Tomasz Majewski, check out his photos of all the awesome cars in the gallery below, and we will add some more pictures from this morning as soon as they are ready. More pictures can be found on: