Rupes Detailing Academy

Many of you know Rupes very well, the Italian toolmaker dates back to 1947 and are building the best and most popular polishers in the game. Their machines are being used by virtually all the professional detailers today, and that is much because of Marco D’Inca and the Rupes Bigfoot System.

This week Rupes invited Arctic Coating and two of our ambassadors to come down and visit their newly opened «Rupes Bigfoot Detailing Academy» in Milan, Italy. Together with some of the best detailers from Norway and a special guest from Qatar, Mr. Gideon King of London Finest Details, we were some of the first to attend the course. Marco D’Inca, the man who designed the Rupes Big Foot system took us through how and why he designed it the way he did and how to use the products correctly. After the theoretical part of the course, we tried some of the products and Marco showed us some of his techniques as well as pulling out a few new products that are yet to be launched. To end the day, Marco took us around the Rupes factory and showed us where all the machines are put together, we even got to check our some of their earliest inventions in their little «Museo» 

Check out our little gallery from the trip.