Audi RS6

The germans are known for their engineering excellence, and of course the latest Audi RS6 is no exception. Arctic Coating ambassador Leif Tore Strandbråten of got just one of these in for a treatment in late april. In many ways this is the perfect car for petrol heads living in a country like Norway, it has 560 bhp and four wheel drive. Some people might even call it the ultimate cabin racer as going to cabins up in the mountains on weekends are pretty much what people here do. Anyway, lets stick to the important stuff. This car did not come straight out of the showroom, in fact it had been used as a daily driver and even been racing on the local ice track on several occasions. Some paint correction and polishing was needed before the coating could be applied. If the german wagon was to be coated in the state it was in, the result would not have been good. The coating would seal in the damages, you would not get any more swirls and the car would be protected, but it would just not look great. Thats why our most advanced products are used only by skilled professionals like Leif Tore. 

So, Leif Tore pulled out his heavy machinery and started eliminating all of the damages in the paint, working slowly but steady the finish became shinier and shinier. The paint correction process goes over several steps to ensure that all scratches and swirls are removed. First a cutting compound is used to level out the scratches, followed by a finishing compound to get the ultimate gloss and finish. After this was done a layer of our base coat was applied, this product is built on silicon dioxide and has a hardness of 9H at Mohs scale of mineral hardness, making it able to take a beating and keep them awful swirls away. Last but not least our topcoat was applied to give the car a hydrophobic surface with high gloss. The cabin racer was left to cure in steady temperature before the owner was handed back the keys. Having experience with some of the older solutions on the market, he was quite impressed when he received the car as this was not quite the result he expected. Leif Tore hopes that more «cabin racers» will find their way to his detailing garage located in the small mountain village of Eggedal with tons of cabins in the area.