eRally Geiaranger 2015

Earlier this month Norsk elbilforening (The Norwegian EV Association) celebrated their 20th anniversary. The celebration took place on the UNESCO world heritage site, Geiaranger in the western part of Norway.  To mark this anniversary a rally with over 50 electric cars from all over the country was organized, one participant even drove all the way from the Netherlands with his electric car.

Arctic Coating was at the event, both educating the participants on correct car care and coatings,  as well as being an official partner. The rally itself went from the new ”Fjordcenter” with almost 30 new charging points and 30 temporary installed for the occasion. From there the row of electric cars drove all the way from sea level and up to the dramatic ”Dalsnibba” at 1500 meter above sea level. Norsk Elbilforening (The Norwegian EV Association) is actually Norways second largest car association and growing fast as electric cars are increasingly popular, and this event prove that you can go just about anywhere without having to use fossile fuel.

Check out this video we put together from the event