Arctic Coating establishing in Sweden

This week Insjöns Bilvård in Leksand, Sweden started using Arctic Coating. This is the first approved applicator of our coatings in Sweden and already the orders are flooding in from people eager to get their cars protected. Head Technician, Jan Werner Andersen and Product Specialist Øyvind Braaten went over to do the training along with Managing Director Iver Svardal. The day was spent coating a Porsche 911, an Audi Q7, and even a BMW M3 that belonged to a member of the local police force was parked and ready for coating. As if thats not enough, during the day more cars were parked outside the shop awaiting their turn to get proper protection against the winter thats slowly approaching here in the north.

Arctic Coating is designed specifically to tackle the challenging conditions in the nordic countries which is one of the reasons we notice increasing interest in our products from the swedes. In the coming months our products will be made available in big parts of Sweden, in the meantime, here are some pictures from this weeks visit at Insjöns Bilvård.